Construction materials and glasswork industry in Rivne region is based on local raw materials; therefore, its development isclosely connected with mining industry growth and construction trends in the region. Local forest reserves are one of thebiggest in Ukraine. Moreover, raw materials for the production of broken stone, cement, lime, brick, and facing tile are availablein the area. Basalt stone applied in the production of thermal insulation and facing materials is also quarried in the region. Oneof the largest cement enterprises, as well as three out of ten of the largest glass factories in Ukraine, have production sites inRivne region.

Key Characteristics of Construction Sector


Production of Major Types of Building Materials and Components



During the first six months of 2018 the share of construction materials and glasswork in the total region’s exports of goods was 13.1%, whereas the exports volume increased by 30.3% as compared to 2017.

The share of construction materials and glasswork in the region’s exports is 13.1%. The share of imported construction materials andglasswork is about 5.0% of the total volume of goods imported into Rivne region in 2018.

Largest Companies of the Sector in the Territory of Rivne Region


The structure of capital investments is as follows: 54.1% – personalfinances of legal entities, 23% – financial assets held by individuals (forhousing construction), 6% – state and local budgeted public expenditures,and 4.7% – credits and loans of financial institutions. Verallia company invested EUR 12 million into modernisationand increasing capacity of a glass factory located in Rivne district ofthe region. The owners of the enterprise plan to invest EUR 35 millioninto its development in the nearest three years.