The forest reserves of the region occupy 780 thousand ha oralmost 40% of its territory. By percentage of forest land Rivneregion ranks third in Ukraine after Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Pine, oak, and aspen mainly grow in theregion. The total reserve of timber stand is 120.5 million m3, ofwhich 65.8% is occupied by pinewood, 10.7% – by hardwood,and 23.5% – by softwood. The average age of timber stand is52 years.Forest land spreads unevenly around the territory of the region,and it is mainly concentrated in its northern districts.Total annual reforestation and afforestation covers over5 thousand ha in the region.Wood processing industry plays an important role in Rivne regioneconomy, for it traditionally shows steady annual growth rate.

Key Characteristics of Wood Processing Industry


Gross sales of wood processing industry for the first three quarters of 2017 have increased by 3.2% compared to the first threequarters of 2016, moreover, its share in the total gross sales of Rivne region has also increased to 9.5%. The major types ofindustry products in the region are wood chipboard (also known as particleboard, low-density fibreboard (LDF), wood sawn orchipped, bars, friezes, flooring, and furniture.

Production of Major Types of Wood Processing Industry Products


The only match factory in Ukraine, an enterprise that provides over 60% of plywood production in Ukraine, one of the largest veneermanufacturers in Europe, as well as other enterprises with a closed production cycle, function in the region.

Largest Companies of the Sector in the Territory of Rivne Region



The vast majority of large-scale wood processing companies in Rivneregion are export-oriented enterprises with foreign investment. Theshare of wood processing products in the region’s exports is 27.7%; theshare of furniture and its components in the region’s exports is 11.4%.The moratorium on the export of round wood imposed in 2015 becamean important factor that encouraged foreign companies to invest inthe wood processing industry of the region. Thus, during Scandinavian investors have invested over EUR 25 million in a high-technology wood processing enterprise in Kostopil district, capable of processing 300 thousand m3 of wood per year.