Agroindustrial complex of the region comprises 629 agricultural enterprises of different business patterns, including 371 farm enterprises.

Natural and climactic conditions are favorable for growing the majority of agricultural cultures (rape, wheat corn, sugar beet, flax, cereals). Development of agriculture in the region is facilitated by the presence of two major producers of mineral fertilizers in Western Ukraine.

Structure of areas under crops

Areas under crops SG

In the structure of gross agricultural production (by all categories of farms) the livestock sector accounts for 33.8%, plant growing – 66.2%. Agricultural enterprises of Radivyliv (18.4 percent), Mlyniv (17.5 percent) and Rivne (13.1 percent) districts occupy the largest share. Among the agricultural enterprises of the Polissya area, the largest share belongs to the Bereznovsky district (4.4%).

Structure of agricultural production

Structure of production SG

The priorities for development of the regional agriculture include production of grain, technical crops, meat and dairy cattle farming, poultry farming, organic farming and production of fruit and berries by modern technology.

The fact that 40% of the region’s territory is covered with forest provides for harvesting significant volumes of wild berries such as blueberries, cranberries, red bilberries and blackberries.

Provision of internal needs of the region in the main types of agricultural products

Provision of needs SG

The major agricultural companies of the region include: Agro-Expres-Service, Private Enterprise; Krupets Agrocorporation; Agricultural enterprise named after Vilovikov, LLC; Agroholding Zorya, LLC; Kamaz-Agro, Agricultural Enterprise; Idna, Agricultural LLC; Demetra, Private Enterprise; Vlada, Farm Enterprise; Hliborob, Private Agricultural Enterprise; Pyatuhirske, Farm Enterprise; Nyva, Farm Enterprise; Rozvazke, Private Agricultural Enterprise; Serpanok, Farm Enterprise; Majak, Private Agricultural Enterprise; Myrohoshchanskyi State Hippodrome, State Enterprise; Shpanivske, Private Agricultural Enterprise.