Favorable geographic location of Rivne region contributes to the development of transit of goods and passengers between Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East. The territory of the region is crossed by a range of international transport corridors, the total length of which is over 254.6 km. Today the region’s transport infrastructure consists of 5.1 ths. km of automobile roads, 448.8 km of railways, 1 civil airport, and other transport objects.

Transport corridors that cross Rivne region


Last year about 133.3 mln. passengers and 10.8 mln. tons of goods were transported in the region. Most passengers (66%) have been transported be automobile transport, whereas most goods (79.2%) have been carried by railway transport. Experts predict that the volume of traffic will increase, and the quality of services will improve during the following three years.

Structure of passenger traffic flow in 2018, ths. passengers


Average growth of passenger transportation in the region amounts to 11%.

Structure of goods transportation in the region, ths. tons


Top-priority directions for the industry’s development in the nearest years are the following:

  • Development of international airport “Rivne” (regular flight connections, equipment for servicing modern planes, non-aviation services).
  • Creation of transport-and-logistic complex, capable of integrating into the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).


In proximity to Rivne there is located an operating International airport “Rivne”, designed for receiving, servicing, and dispatching all types of aircrafts with take-off weight not exceeding 210 tons. Total area of the airport – 165 ha. Runway – 2626 m х 42 m. Maximal carrying capacity – 500 passengers/hour.

The airport is located at the crossroads of international air and automobile routes, in close proximity (1 km) to the international highway E40 – the longest European automobile road with the length of 8500 km, which connects a French town Calais through Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kirgizstan with a Kazakh town Ridder, close to Chinese border.

Today the airport is operating – it receives medium-range aircrafts 24 hours a day. There exist a summer charter program Rivne – Antalya and a winter charter program Rivne – Hurghada/Sharm El Sheikh. The airport serves a base for aircrafts of “Vulkan Air” company An-26 and “Universal-Avia” company An-12. Negotiations are being held with nine international air companies about establishing regular flight connections.

The potential of passengers amounts to 5 mln. people from Rivne, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytsky, and Ternopil regions of Ukraine and from Belarus. At the same time, 40% of the total number of Ukrainians that cross the border throughout a year go to Poland. About 14 bus trips per day pass through Rivne to Poland. For the period of 2016 the Consulate General of Poland has opened 300 ths. visas; there have been held 15 mln. crossings of Ukrainian-Polish border. 1200 ths. of Ukrainians work and study in Poland.

Top-priority actions planned for the development of International airport “Rivne” are the following:

  • Purchase of machines and equipment (new approach lighting system for the runway, precise landing system ILS) necessary for servicing aircrafts В737 and А320 and performing international carriages.
  • Modernization, and warmth-keeping of the airport’s facilities and terminal.
  • Project development and construction of transport-and-logistic complex at Regional municipal enterprise “Rivne international airport”.
  • Project development and construction of hotel complex at Regional municipal enterprise “Rivne international airport”.
  • Reconstruction of the 550-m runway for small aircrafts.
  • Organization and development of non-aviation services (storage room, Duty-Free, Tax-Free, catering, shops/supermarkets, car rental, cash machines/payment terminals, pharmacy, currency exchange, tourist office etc.)