In Rivne region there are 1476 institutions of culture and art of all systems and authorities among which 11 establishments of regional subordination. In particular, there are three historical and cultural reserves, 8 museums, 34 schools of aesthetic education. There are two theaters in the center of the region - Rivne city (musical and drama and puppet theater) and Philharmonic hall. Rivne region has rich cultural traditions which are carefully preserved and multiplied in the region. In particular, the region is known as the land of festivals. Following events known among connoisseurs of Ukrainian traditions and culture have been held for many years in the region: folklore festival "Kolyada", festival of children's choir singing "Spring Bells", festival of youth traditional folk culture "Drevlyanski dzherela", festival of student theater pop miniatures "Shalantukh", ​​International Festival of children's folklore "rolling a bag ...",  All-Ukrainian competition of young performers on wind instruments named after Vyacheslav Starchenko , etc. Confidently declared itself still quite young, born in the region Ukrainian festival of young amateur movie «DVERY». Last year, among the others, another project started, by the way the first in Ukraine, Archaeological Grand Festival "Russ Peresopnytska." The Forum brought together famous archaeologists from Lviv, Volyn and Rivne.