Rivne region, situated in the north-western part of Ukraine, is characterized by favourable geographical location at the cross-roads of international transport highways (E373, E40, E85) close to the European Union border (100 km) and the capital of Ukraine Kyiv (250 km), by availability of the developed railway and motorway systems as well as existence of international airport with the capacity to receive all types of the aircrafts.

Rivne region to European capitals

Rivne region has considerable production capacity and highly developed technical base. The growth rates of industrial production of some branches of industry are among the highest in Ukraine. The key sectors of industry in the region are energy industry, chemical, machine-building, metalworking, woodworking and food processing. Moreover, the structure of industry of the region is actively transformed to attract investments into innovative and high-tech industries. A number of industrial parks have been arranged in the region.
High level of labour skills is provided due to the network of modern universities and vocational schools.
The region has 600 deposits of eighteen types of minerals. Among them are unique deposits of amber, basalt, copper, tuff, granular phosphorite and such deposits of minerals as granite, diorite and gabbro which occur close to the borders of the EU. Rivne region has almost 20% of national deposits of peat. Total volume of timber resources in the region is one of the largest in Ukraine.
The unique historical monuments, leisure and recreation areas, as well as rich cultural traditions contribute to the development of "green" tourism in Rivne region.

Investors from around the world have already experienced the advantages of the region.  Among the well-known multinational companies operating in the region are: Verallia (France, production of the glass), Raiffeisen Group (Austria, chemicals (fertilizer)) Dickerhoff (Germany, construction materials), Morgan Furniture (the US, production of upholstered furniture), Metro (Germany, wholesale), Sorbes (Switzerland, the production of wood-based panels and particle board), ODEK (Holland, manufacture plywood production), BeVur (Belarus, clothing), Bag (Germany, gravel extraction), Lafarge (France, building materials), LichtnerBeton (Germany, building materials), Fapomed (Portugal, medical equipment) and others.  Rivne region may also become the place of your success.
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