Administrative arrangement

Administrative center of the ATC - Boremel village

11 settlements are amalgamated in the community, incl.:

  • Boremel
  • Naberezhne
  • Shybyn
  • Smykiv
  • Novyi Tik
  • Zolochivka
  • Nyvy-Zolochivski
  • Pasheva
  • Maleve
  • Bilche
  • Berestechko


Total population - 3 402 people, incl.:

- rural population - 3 402 people

Population density - 45 people/km2


Specialization of the ATC:

  • growing of cereals and technical crops


Main branches:

  • Hotel-entertainment-tourist complex («Boremel Hills»)
  • Mechanical processing of metal products (Safety Business Borermel 2012, LLC)
  • Sawmilling and planing production (Dudas Volodymyr Petrovych, entrepreneur)
  • Burning charcoal (Kravets, entrepreneur)
  • PE «Zlagoda Lutsk»

Tourism and recreational potential

  • ATC is famous for its picturesque scenery
  • Village Boremel, village Naberezhne, village Shibin, village of Malieve are located on the shore of the river Styr

Basic social and economic indicators

Fixed capital investment – 1151.0 thnd UAH

Volume of construction products produced – 1844.2 thnd UAH

26 businesses registered at the rerritory of the ATC, incl.:

  • 5 – legal entities
  • 21 – private entrepreneurs

Investment projects of the district

  • Major repairs of the club to the village of Zolochivka Demidovsky district of Rivne region, estimated cost - 1499,584 UAH.
  • Major repair of the ambulance department of general practice of family medicine in the village Maleve
  • Reconstruction of the building of Boremel educational complex «Secondary school-college» in Boremel
  • Purchase of computer equipment for educational institutions of the Boromel Rural Joint Territorial Community
  • Acquisition and arrangement of a playground in the Maleve village, village Zolochivka, village Boremel, Boremel rural communal territorial community
  • Reconstruction of street lighting in Boremel, Demidivka district of Rivne region
  • Major repairs of the street. Ternovaya with Malev Demidovsky district - Estimated cost 809,759 UAH.
  • The current average repair of the highway O 181113 Zagatintsi-Maleve-Borermel on the area km 14 + 700-km 16 + 500, Demidovsky district
  • New construction of a medical ambulatory of general practice of family medicine in Boremel Demidovsky district of Rivne region
  • To equip schools with the views of GSE. / Core study natural and mathematical subjects and supporting schools teaching aids, including cabinets
  • For the purchase of school buses
  • «New Ukrainian School» - estimated cost 287,8 thousand UAH.
  • Provision of residents Boremel village Boremel village council with high quapty drinking water
  • Construction of the gym, as a center of physical development, meaningful and useful leisure activities for children, youth, community residents

Natural-resources potential

Total area of the ATC is 10 295.6 ha

Land resources:

  • agricultural land - 7 341.3 ha
  • built-up land - 251.0 ha
  • total area of the reservoirs is 662.4 ha
  • forests and forest cover lands - 446.3 ha

Natural resources:

  • clay
  • peat (unused peat quarry)

Average salary

Average salary in the ATC  - UAH 7 211

Major enterprises

  • LLC «Dobryi urozhai»
  • LLC «Havest-Agro»
  • LLC «Horodysche»
  • LLC «Agro-Zahid»
  • FH «Mykolai-T»
  • LLC «Volyn Agro»
  • FH «Dobrobut»
  • FH «Novyi-Tik»
  • REC «Boremel Hills»