Administrative arrangement

City of Rivne - regional center, city of oblast subordinance

Local government body - Rivne city council


Total population - 243.1 thousand people

- population density - 4 192 people/km2


Main branches

- N/A


Main branches

— Chemical industry

— Manufacture of electrical equipment

— Light industry

— Food industry

Tourism and recreational potential

Rivne is a significant focal point of the state's culture - theaters (regional museum, puppet and several theaters studios), philharmonic, chamber of chamber and organ music, a number of museums, palaces and houses of culture, cinemas, numerous libraries operate here. The city has several parks and a zoo of national importance .

The tourism in Rivne is represented by a numerous shopping centers and resting places, including:

— shopping and entertainment center «Equator»

— shopping and entertainment center «Chaika»

— city amusement park

— Park of Culture and Rest named after Taras Shevchenko

On the territory of the park of culture and rest them. T. Shevchenko is continuing the implementation of the project on the study, museum, underground part of the buildings of the estate «On the hill» of Prince Lyubomirskyh to create a tourist object on its basis.

There are 54 historical monuments in the city of Rivne, 17 - archeology, 5 - monumental art, 73 - architecture, of which: 13 historical monuments, 12 monumental art monuments and 3 architectural monuments have the status of national importance.

Basic social and economic indicators

Sold production of industry - 29 906.6 million UAH

Foreign direct investment (FDI) – 70.9 million USD

Number of businesses - 15 299, including:

2 874 - legal entities

12 425 - individual entrepreneurs

Investment projects of the city

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

— successful implementation of the NEFCO-1 project. In the city of Rivne, the implementation of thermo-modernization measures in the secondary school № 18 and 27 was carried out within the framework of the implementation of the project «Implementation of energy saving in three schools and the energy management system in the budgetary institutions of Rivne», which was financed by the funds of NEFCO and the city budget.

— implementation of the NEFCO-2 project. The project envisages the overhaul of the Rivne Educational and Educational Complex «Secondary School Secondary School - Specialized Sports School» № 26 of Rivne City Council (replacement of windows and arrangement of insulation) on the Pavlyuchenko street in Rivne

— participation in the Cross-border Cooperation Program «Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020». He received the support of the project «Culinary Heritage Kitchen - promoting culinary traditions through the professionalization of the gastronomic offer of Lublin and Rivne», which was developed and submitted by the Strategic Development and Investment Department.

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 5.8 thsd ha

Land resources:

— agricultural lands - 2.1 thsd ha

— built-up areas - 3.3 thsd ha

— total area of water bodies - 0.13 thsd ha

— forests and other wooden land - 0.086 thsd ha

Average monthly salary

City of Rivne - UAH 7 233

Largest enterprises of the city

The largest and most numerous are the enterprises of chemical, light and food industries:

— LLC «Rivneteploenergo»

— LLC «High Voltage Union of RZVA»


— PJSC «Rivne factory of nonwovens»

— ALC «Rivne house-building plant»