Administrative arrangement

District center - City of Rivne

97 settlements including:

– 1 city (region center)

– 3 urban-type settlements

– 94 villages

Settlements are combined in:

- 22 rural councils

– 3 settlement councils

– 1 city council


Total population - 91,0 thousand people including:

- rural population - 19,5 thousand people

– urban population - 71,5 thousand people

- population density - 77,4 people/km2


Main branches

– grain and oil crop production

– sugar beet growing

– growing vegetables and corn

– cattle fattening

– raising highly productive stock, reproduction of herds, arranging stock breeding at the agricultural enterprises applying genetic potential of the stud farms


Main branches

– manufacture of rubber and plastic products, other non-metallic mineral products

– processing timber and woodwork

– food and beverages production

– chemical industry

– mechanical engineering

– manufacture of textiles, clothing, leather, leather goods and other materials

– metallurgical production and fabricated metal products manufacture

Tourism and recreational potential

The tourism potential of the district is represented by dozens of protected areas and landmarks, including:

– National Botanical Conservation Area «Vyshneva gora»

– reserve «Kornynskyy», «Oleksandriyska dacha», «Cambrian Clay Pit»

– reserve «Novostavskyy», «Peredilsky Hills», «Dateless Chessnut»

– natural boundary «Solomka», «Chortove boloto», «Pavlivschyna»

– arboretum «Novostavskyy»

– cultural and archaeological center «Peresopnytsia»

– «Tunnel of Love» (Klevan village)

– Castle of Czartorysk (Klevan village, 15th century)

– Annunciation Catholic Church (Klevan village, 17th century)

– ruins of castle of 15-17th century (Taykury village)

– St. Lawrence Catholic Church (Taykury village, 18th century)

– Convent of Saint Nicholas (Horodok village)

– Convent of the Nativity of the Theotokos (Bilivski Hutory village)

Basic social and economic indicators

Sold production of industry  - 2668,4 million UAH

Gross agricultural output  – 249,4 million UAH

Capital investment  – 84361 thousand UAH

Foreign direct investment (FDI) (registered capital)  – 60,2 million USD

Construction output  – 79,1 million UAH

Number of enterprises – 365

Number of private entrepreneurs – 3518

Investment projects of the district

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

– expansion of production capacities of CJSC «Rivnesilmash»

– startup of rotary peeling line at the LLC «Olisma»

– construction of an additional plant for the production of plywood at the LLC «ODEK Ukraine»

– modernization of production at the Rivne PCE LLC «Agropererobka»

– modernization of production at LLC «Lubomirski calc-silicate plant»

– creation of work gloves production at the PE «Locia-91»

– increase of production capacity of JSC «Klevan Timber Mill «Promin»

– automation and modernization of milk production at the SOE RE «Bilokrynytske» at the Institute of Agriculture of Western Polissia of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 117,6 thsd ha

Land resources:

– agricultural lands - 78.4 thsd ha

– built-up areas - 6.3 thsd ha

– total area of water bodies - 1.8 thsd ha

– forests and other wooden land - 28.1 thsd ha

Natural resources

– clay

– sand


– peat

Average salary

Average salary in the district is -UAH 3464

Largest enterprises of the district

The largest and most numerous are the agricultural and food processing enterprises:

– PJSC «Consumers-Sklo-Zorya»

– LLC «ODEK» Ukraine

– LLC «Morgan Furniture»

– LLC «Color S.I.M.»

– JSC «Klevan Timber Mill «Promin»

– JSC «Rivne Plant of Heavy-Duty Concrete Structures»

– SOE «Klevan Forestry»

– LLC «Vodograi»

– LLC «Dubava»

– LLC Meat processing plant «Zahid-Miaso»

– LLC «Ecoline»

– LLC «Horodok-R»

– LLC «Maiak-3»

– LLC «Agriholding «Zoria»

– PAE «Zlagoda»

– PAE «Shpanivske»

– SOE RE «Belokrinitske»

– FE «Partner»