Administrative arrangement

District center - urban-type settlement Rokytne

39 settlements, incl.:

— 2 urban-type settlements

— 37 villages

Settlements are combined in:

— 12 rural councils

— 1 community

— 2 settlement councils

— 1 district council


Total population - 58.2 thousand people incl.:

— rural population - 9.2 thousand people

— urban population - 49.0 thousand people

— population density - 24.8 people/km2


Main branches:

— meat cattle breeding

— potatoes


Main branches:

— extractive industry (mining of granite and crushed stone products)

— processing industry (manufacture of glass containers, lumber, fuel briquettes from peat)

— forestry and logging

Tourism and recreational potential

A lot of tour itineraries and numerous architectural monuments are located within the territory of the district.

Tourist routes: «Rokytne-Bilsk-Glynne», «Rokytnedendropark», «Osnytsk reservoir», «Tract «Yuzefinska dacha»,«Journey through the river of Lva», «Lake Tukhove».

Local Nature Monuments:

— Yuzefinskyi Park is famous for its rare oak stands, where there are true oak «patriarchs» over 500 years old. Here grows Weimutov pine (its homeland - South America), Crimean pine, European spruce, whose age exceeds 100 years. The pride of the park is a 1300-year-old oak giant, which is rightly considered the oldest tree in Ukraine, as stated in the «Ukraine in Interesting Facts» directory.

— Rokytne dendropark of 1.8 hectares, founded in 1965. 150 species of trees and shrubs sprout here.

Recreation areas - tracts: «Stupske», «Karier», «Zemlianky», «Mushnya», «Lyado», «Kobyla», «Kozatske», «Staryky».

Architectural monuments: Holy Protection Church (Kysorychi village), The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Rokytne village), Zdvyzhenska Church (Snovydovychi village).

Hotels: Liubystok Hotel in Rokytne, restaurant and hotel complex «Royal wood» route Kyiv-Kovel-Yagodyn 259 km, Rokytne, Hotel «Zatyshok» in the Rokytne village.

Farmsteads: Prymak Inna Kysorychi village, Borysovets Olena farmstead «Feshchun» Bilsk village, Natalia Yarmoshko Synizhevo village, Kyivska Tetiana Osnytsk village, Olga Krupenko Borove village.

Basic social and economic indicators

Sold production of industry - 618.5 million UAH

Fixed capital investment  – 329.9 million UAH

Foreign direct investment (FDI)  – 0.9 million USD

Number of enterprises – 177

Number of private entrepreneurs – 896 persons

Investment projects of the district

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

— manufacture of construction products of dropout

— manufacture of refractory bricks

— granite tiles production

— creation of new enterprises for crushed stone products manufacture

— manufacture of peat fuel briquettes

— harvesting and processing of forest berries and mushrooms

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 235 thsd ha

Land resources:

– agricultural lands - 41.3 thsd ha

– built-up areas - 4.2 thsd ha

– total area of water bodies - 3.4 thsd ha

– forests and other wooden land - 155.1 thsd ha

Natural resources:

– granite

– granodiorite

– peat

– sand

– diorite

– kaolins

– gabbro

Average salary

Average salary in the district  - 7 665 UAH.

Largest enterprises of the district

The largest and most numerous are the agricultural and food processing enterprises:

– PJSC «Rokytnivskyi glass plant»

– PJSC «Tomashgorodskyi crushed stone plant»

– LLC «Rokytnivskyi special quarry»

– Production division «Tomashgorod Quarry» of the branch «Center for Industrial Management» OJSC «Ukrainian Railways»

– LLC «RivneEnergoAliance»

– LLC «Ukrainian timber-processing company»

– SOE «Rokytnivske forestry»

– SOE «Ostkivske forestry»

– SOE SFАE «Rokytnivskye state special forestry»