Administrative arrangement

District center - City of Sarny

67 settlements, incl.:

— 1 city

— 2 urban-type settlements

— 64 villages

Settlements are combined in:

— 6 rural councils

— 1 city council

— 5 communities


Total population is 104 092 people incl.:

— rural population - 37 830 people

— urban population - 66 262 people

— population density - 53 people/km2


Main branches:

— cultivation of cereals and cereallegumes crops

— growing corn

— cattle cultivation, cows, commodity production of milk

— breeding pigs, commodity production of meat

— poultry production, commodity production of eggs


Main branches:

— stone extraction

— production of stone and rubble products

— metal working

— production of special purpose machines and equipment

— logging and woodworking

— production of wood products

— food production

— production of printing products

— production of jewelry

Tourism and recreational potential

Sarny district has significant tourist and recreational potential. Its structure includes both rich natural resources with its forests and rivers, as well as a considerable number of historical and cultural sites.

On the territory of the district are located: Trinity Church in the town of Sarny (1725), Holy Trinity Church of the village Stepan (1759), Holy Protection Cathedral, Holy Transfiguration Church, Roman Catholic Church, castle earthen ramparts (15-16th centuries) on the territory of the Stepan settlement council, which are objects of cultural heritage of national importance. In addition, a large number of objects of cultural heritage, nature reserve fund of local importance: Sarny Historical and Ethnographic Museum, ancient Orthodox churches, Klesiv Dendropark, Lake Somyne, Tract «Trishchava», recreation center «Hunting farm», Koplyshche (Blue lake), A memorial to the military glory of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, and many others.

Three agro farmsteads have been created where you can stay and combine your holiday with picking berries, mushrooms, medicinal plants, fishing, and tasting national Ukrainian dishes. The map-scheme of routes in 5 directions was developed.

The tourist infrastructure is represented by modern establishments: DAlOS Hotel-Cafe, Polius-Elit Motel, Zhuravlyna Motel, Sluch Hotel, Sasha Hotel. The Goryn health resort is functioning in Stepan settlement.

Basic social and economic indicators

Sold production of industry - 1700.3 million UAH

Gross agricultural output – 37.6 million UAH

Fixed capital investment  – 215.4 million UAH

Foreign direct investment (FDI)  – 11.9 million USD

Construction output – 37.6 million UAH

Number of legal entities – 1013

Number of private entrepreneurs – 2738

Investment projects of the district

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

— Construction of a comprehensive school of I-III degrees on the 38 Nova str. in the Tseptsevichi village

— Construction of sports complex on the 1 Ya. Mydroho str. in Sarny

— Construction of a comprehensive school of I-III degrees on the 1 Grushevskogo str. in the Chabel village.

— Construction of preschool educational institution of combined type (day nursery) on the Hrushevskoho str. in Sarny

— Construction of the «Safe City» video surveillance system in Sarny

— Overhaul of the roof, replacement of windows and doors of the PEI «Sonechko» on the 6 Shkilna str. in the Kalynivka village

— Major repairs of the premises of the pre-school educational establishment in Male Verbche village

— Current average road repairs of regional importance Chudel-Tynne

— Current average road repairs of regional importance Yarynivka-Tutovychi-Kostiantynivka

— Overhaul of the road on the Soborna street in the city of Sarny (within 8 Bereznia street - Fidarova Street).

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 197,2 thsd ha

Land resources:

— agricultural lands - 67,7 thsd ha

— built-up areas - 6.5 thsd ha

— total area of water bodies - 5.4 thsd ha

— forests and other wooden land - 104.1 thsd ha

Natural resources:

— granite

— peat

— clay

— gabbro

— chalk

— amber

— sand

— kaolins

— mineral water

Average salary

Average salary in the district - UAH 7 983.

Largest enterprises of the district

In the field of industry:

— LLC «Technobud»

— LLC «Vyrivskyi quarry»

— LLC «Selyschanskyi quarry»

— LLC «Sarny bakery»

— LLC «Plant of metal products»

— SE «Klesivske forestry»

— SE «Sarny forestry»

In the field of agriculture:

— APE «Mayak»

— APE «Sluch»

— OJSC «Zhuravka»

In the field of construction:

— LLC «Zahidmetal»

— OJSC «Sarny PMK - 81»

— LLC «Sarnyahrobud»

— OJSC «Sarny PMK-66»

In the field of trade:

— Trading House North-Center LLC

— Supermarket «Serp»

— Building Center «NАТА»

— Supermarket «SamMarket»

— Supermarket «Oksamyt»

— Market «Nash krai»


— Building Center «Our house»

— Building Center «NАТА»

In the field of transportation:

— CJSC «ATP 15640»