Administrative arrangement

District center - Volodymyrets urban-type settlement

67 settlements, incl.:

– 2 urban-type settlements

– 65 villages

Settlements are combined in:

- 26 rural councils

- 1 settlement council

- 5 community


Total population - 65.5 thousand people

- urban population - 12.0 thousand people

- rural population - 53.0 thousand people

- population density - 33.2 people/km2


Main branches:

- growing of cereals

- growing of potatoes and vegetables

- animal farming


Main branches:

— food industry

— logging and woodworking industry

— rock excavation

— stone and broken stone production

— construction materials manufacture

— printing industry

Tourism and recreational potential

The main tourism and recreational resources of the region consist of:

— Volodymyrets Regional History Museum

— Museum of the history of the narrow-gauge railway and Polissia region

— Polissia literary museum

— tourist information office-museum «Burshtynovyi shliakh» in Volodymyrets

— national landscape reserve - Rivne Nature Reserve

— recreation unit «Lake Voronkivske»

— unique tourist attraction - the longest in Europe, active narrow-gauge railway Antonivka-Zarichne

— 12 samples of architecture: St. Nicolas Church, empire-style palace built by Yuzef Krasytskyi, Church of the Saint Assumption, Churches of the Saint Intercession, Churches of St. Nicholas, Churchn of St. Jonn the Theologian, Church of St. Michael, Holy Christ-Exaltation Church, spiritual sanctuary of the second half of the 19th century «Crosses» or «Elders» in Luko village

— archeological monuments: settlement site of the IX-Xth century, Babka village, Mound burial ground of VII-IX centuries, Volodymyrets, Site of ancient settlement X-XIII centuries in the village Gorodets, the burial ground of the 1st century BC in Zelenitsa village, Kurgannyi burial ground, 1941, Radyzhyvo village, "Obrochny" crosses in the tract of the Elder (or Crosses) near the Luko village

— 4 agro-estates for comfortable rest of tourists located in the villages of M. Telkovychi, Voronky, Volodymyrets

Basic social and economic indicators

Sold production of industry - 141.4 million UAH

Gross agricultural output - 5.3 million UAH

Capital investments - 140.7 million UAH

Foreign direct investment (FDI) – 2.0 million USD

Volume of construction works completed - 15.9 million UAH

Number of legal entities – 95

Number of private entrepreneurs – 746

Investment projects of the district

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

— reconstruction of the Stepangorod comprehensive school of I-III grades in Stepangorod village

— construction of the Ozertsi Secondary School in Ozertsi village

— reconstruction of the paramedic-midwifery point in Zabolottia village and in Zhovkyni village

— reconstruction of a part of the kindergarten building in the outpatient clinic general practise of family medicine in village Bilska Volia

— overhaul of the outpatient clinic general practice of family medicine in Velyki Tseptsevychi village

— overhaul of the outpatient clinic in the urban-type settlement Rafalivka

— reconstruction of the administrative premises in the outpatient clinic general practise of family medicine in Voronky village, Khynochi village, Volodymyrets

— major overhaul of the outpatient clinic general practise of family medicine in Velyki Telkovychi village

— the current average repair of the highway Volodymyrets-Antonivka, as well as the highway Volodymyrets-Krasnosillia-Mali Telkovychi

— reconstruction of the Krasnosillia–Sopachiv highway

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 194.2 thousand ha

Land resources:

— agricultural lands - 41.0 thousand ha

— total area of water bodies - 3.4 thousand ha

— forests - 101 thousand ha

Natural resources:

— copper

— amber

— peat

— sand

— clay

— zeolite tuffs

Average salary

Average salary in the district - UAH 7 034

Largest enterprises of the district

The largest and most numerous are enterprises of agriculture and food industry:

— JSC «Rafalivskyy Pit»

— PJSC «Volodymyrets Disctrict Printing House»

— SE «Rafalivka Forestry»

— SE «Region-Invest»

— SE «Volodymyrets Forestry»

— Enterprise of Polytsk VK-76

— LLC «Mercury-House»

— LLC «Derevoobrobnyk»

— GZVP «Mercury»