Administrative arrangement

District center - urban-type settlement Zarichne

51 settlements, incl.:

– 1 city

– 50 villages

Settlements are combined in:

- 12 rural councils

- 1 settlement council

- 1 community


Total population is 34 911 people, incl.:

- urban population - 7 317people

- rural population - 27 594 people

- population density - 24 people/km2


Main branches

- plant growing (growing cereals)

- animal husbandry (dairy and meat animal husbandry)


Main branches

— food industry (milk processing, butter production)

— woodworking industry (forest sawmilling and planing)

Tourism and recreational potential

There are 7 tourist routes in the district:

— on the narrow-gauge «Zarichne - Antonivka», Ostrivsk station

— tourist route «on the Spiritual paths of the district»

— «Zarichne-Nobel» tourist route (Nobel Lake)

— «Zarichne-Vovchytsi» tourist route (White Lake)

— pedestrian route by memorable places of the village of Zarichny and its surroundings, «Pogost Zarichnyi through the ages»

— tourist route «Zarichne-Dibrivsk» (which promotes patriotic education of young people)

— tourist route narrow-gauge «Zarichne-Morochne» and 2 cycle routes with the inclusion of tourist sites

Today, in the Zarichne district, rural tourism is provided by the owners of 6 farmsteads, which located in the village of Nobel (farmstead «At Svitlana», «Fisherman's hut», motel «Nobel»), and in the village Mlyn (farmhouse «Kutsevichiv», farmstead «Valentyna», «Ukrainian House»). The farmsteads are happy to welcome tourists, who want to relax in the countryside at different times of the year. Information about the farmsteads is available on the Internet.

Basic social and economic indicators

Fixed capital investment - 33.1 millions UAH

Number of legal entities – 274

Number of private entrepreneurs – 556

Investment projects of the district

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

– land for the extraction of clay, located in the territory of the Vychiv village council

– land plot for extraction of milling fuel peat located in the territory of Boriv village council

– real estate for agricultural production (premises of vegetable-canning shop (720 m²) with warehouses (1200 m²) and with ancillary premises), located in the territory of the Kukhitska Volia village council

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 144.2 thsd ha

Land resources:

— agricultural lands - 53.7 thsd ha

— built-up areas - 2.1 thsd ha

— total area of water bodies - 5.4 thsd ha

— forests and other wooden land - 61.8 thsd ha

Natural resources

— peat

— quartz sand

— brick clay

Average salary

Average salary in the district is - UAH 6 733.

Largest enterprises of the district

The largest and most numerous one are agricultural and food industry enterprises:

— SOE «Forestry Zarichnenske»

— CE «Consumer's association of the district»

— PJSC «Zarichne Dairy Factory»

— FH «Balaklava»

— LLC «AK Polissia»