Administrative arrangement

District center - City of Zdolbuniv

55 settlements, incl.:

— 1 city

— 1 urban-type settlement

— 53 villages

Settlements are combined in:

— 20 rural councils

— 1 settlement council


Total population - 56 499 people, incl.:

— urban population - 28 245 people

— rural population - 28 254 people

— population density - 86 people/km2


Main branches:

— growing cereals crops

— growing corn

— growing vegetables

— soybean, sunflower and rapeseed cultivation

— cultivation of forage crops

— rearing pigs

— growing poultry

— meat and dairy cattle breeding


Main branches:

— cement production

— production of brick non-refractory

— production of film strip and other products made of polyethylen

— manufacture of wooden containers of hulled wood

— providing service of equipment's repair and manufacturing of spare parts for construction equipment industry

— repair and maintenance of electric engines, generators, transformers

— repair and maintenance of locomotives, rolling stock, railway freight cars

Tourism and recreational potential

There are 73 archeology monuments in the district. The variety of terrain, soil-forming division and soils, the richness of flora and fauna make this district exclusive and unique. There is no similar territory in the Rivne region. There are all conditions for the development of ecotourism. The rich flora and fauna will interest not only scientists but also nature lovers. The greatest scientific and forest value are the old hornbeam-oak forests, especially in the tracts of Mostivskyi, Gurby, Turova Mogyla. Here, among the relatively young trees, aged 80 to 130, there are also old-timers - a 400-year-old chestnut tree and three hundred-year-old linden trees in the village of Derman.

The tourist route is «Picturesque Zdolbuniv District».

Historical and cultural monuments of the district:

1. Derman Holy Trinity Monastery - Derman village

2. Holy Resurrection Monastery in Gurby Tract - Buderazh Village Council

3. Source of St. Nicholas - Hilcha village

4. Windmill in Stara Moshchanytsia village

5. Former Mill and the House of Hovorky (XX century) in the village Hilcha II

6. Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul - Zdolbuniv city

7. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Zdolbuniv city

8. Church of St. Great Martyr Catherine - Zdolbuniv city

The Zdolbuniv District Museum of History and Local Lore operates in the district.

Every July in the village of Bushcha the ethno-eco festival «BUSHCHA FERN» is held.

Every year on the third day of Easter in the tract of Gurby village Mosty on the territory of the Buderazh village council measures are held to honor the heroes of the Gurbyn battle.

Basic social and economic indicators

Sold production of industry - 2 244.6 million UAH

Gross agricultural output – 165.1 million UAH

Construction output – 83.8 million UAH

Number of legal entities – 920

Number of private entrepreneurs – 1577

Investment projects of the district

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

— construction of Zdolbuniv Secondary School I-III degrees of number 3, in Zdolbuniv District Council of Rivne region, Zdolbuniv city, 5 Ustyma Karmelyuka street

— reconstruction of a non-residential office building for a preschool educational institution in 162 Shosova street, Zdovbytsia, Zdolbuniv district, Rivne region

— construction of rebel cover near Gurby tract on the territory of Buderazh village council, Zdolbuniv district of Rivne region

— construction of a memorial complex «Heroes of the Gurbinskoe Battle» near the Gurby tract in the territory of the Buderazh Village Council, Zdolbuniv district of Rivne region

— construction of a sports hall of the children's and youth sports school of the Zdolbuniv district council of Rivne region, Zdolbuniv, Park street

— construction of engineering networks in the array of construction for the ATO participants in Zdolbuniv, Rivne region

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 65.9 thsd ha

Land resources:

— agricultural lands - 43.8 thsd ha

— built-up areas - 3.3 thsd ha

— total area of water bodies - 0.9 thsd ha

— forests and other wooden land - 14.7 thsd ha

Natural resources:

chalk (deposit of national immportance)

— construction sand

— clay

— peat

— phosphorite deposits explored

Average salary

Average salary in the district is - UAH 9 351.

Largest enterprises of the district

The largest and most numerous are the chemical, forestry, food processing and engineering enterprises:

— PJSC «Volyn-Cement» (branch JSC «Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine»)

— JSC «Zdolbuniv plastics articles plant «Iskra»

— LLC «Ukrtsemremont plus»

— LLC «Zdolbuniv Plant for Building Materials»

— SLLC «Kvant»

— PC «Production and design association «MAANS»

— EP «Locomotive depot Zdolbuniv» of territorial branch company «Lviv Railway» JSC «Ukrzaliznytsia»

— EP «Train repair depot Zdolbuniv» of territorial branch company «Lviv Railway» JSC «Ukrzaliznytsia»

— EP «Locomotive multiple units stock Zdolbuniv» of territorial branch company «Lviv Railway» JSC «Ukrzaliznytsia»

— PAE «Hliborob»

— PAE PC «Zdolbunivske»

— PAE «Ukraine»

— LLC «Western agricultural production company»

— LLC «Agrokonsalt AV»

— FE «Piatyhirske»

— LLC «Yut-Agro-Zerno»