In May, the Ministry of regional development of Ukraine made a nationwide rating of socio-economic development of the regions over the past year. It includes 64 indicators for the development of areas, which are divided into 12 areas.

In general, Rivne Oblast ranked second among other regions of Ukraine (yielding to Kharkiv) and the third - taking into account the city of Kiev.

If to analyze the achievements of Rivne region in separate directions, then the oblast occupies the following places (out of 25 possible - all regions of Ukraine, taking into account Kyiv):

  • By level of social protection and security - 1 place;
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency - 1 place;
  • According to the availability and quality of health care services - 3 place;
  • Infrastructure development - 5th place;
  • For financial self-sufficiency - 7th place;
  • On the rational nature of use and the quality of the environment -8 place;
  • On the labor market efficiency - 9th place;
  • For economic efficiency - 10th place;
  • According to the development of small and medium entrepreneurship - 14th place;
  • For economic and social cohesion - 17th place;
  • Accessibility and quality of education services - 18th place;
  • In terms of investment-innovation development and foreign-economic cooperation - the 23rd place.


According to the Rivne Regional Administration