A delegation from the Chinese city of Chongqing arrived in Rivne region to establish partnership cooperation.

Igor Tymoshenko, Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration, met with foreigners and presented the potential of the region and the economy: "We are always happy to welcome any initiatives in the region that promote its development or promote our region abroad."

In turn, representatives of the Chinese Association presented their city. Yes, Chongqing is one of the largest industrial centers in China. The number of inhabitants of the city has long exceeded 30 million. It houses hundreds of plants - from chemical to automotive.

"The city is developing rapidly. Our Eastern tradition says that in order to do business, you need to engage in socio-cultural projects in parallel. " That is why Chongqing establishes cooperation with other countries or regions. And Rivne region is no exception, "said Chen Kai, a representative of the Chongqing Association for the Promotion of International Exchange.

Among the plans that were planned to be implemented together with Rivne region:

  • creation of a hospital of traditional medicine, similar branches already operate in 7 countries of the world;
  • learning Chinese by our youth;
  • international student exchange, establishment and operation of camps.

Representatives of the Celestial Empire also noted that Rivne region has a favorable geographical position, so the priority is to establish trade relations. Green tourism is also interesting for the Chinese.

The parties agreed to consolidate their intentions with a Memorandum, which will be signed after approval of the document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.