- Kronospan is the world leader in the production of high-quality wood-based panels and related products. Today, Kronospan has more than 40 manufacturing plants in 30 countries worldwide - in Europe, Asia and the USA, in particular in Poland, Belarus, Turkey, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Croatia, the USA, the Czech Republic, Latvia, China, Ukraine, etc. - stressed the director of the Agency "InvestInRivne" Dmitry Yanushevsky. - The arrival of such a powerful investor became possible due to qualitative cooperation with the Agency "InvestInRivne", which was launched in February 2018.

As the head of the future plant in Rivne region Pavel Piltay told, in 2004 Kronospan, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, built its first Ukrainian plant for the production of particle board in Novolynsk, Volyn region. Meanwhile, the construction of a plant near Rivne only begins, but already in 2021, they promise to release the first product. To create the plant, they are planning to invest 200 million euros of foreign direct investment.

- We are a company not only with foreign investments but also with foreign traditions of doing business. Legitimately, publicly and openly. That is why all our construction works, equipment, products - are certified according to the highest international standards. Otherwise, it can not be, because the reputation in the international market is very important, - Natalia Pokinska, General Director of Kronospan UA, said. - The policy of our company - to involve experts in the quality of production, independent non-governmental organizations, as well as to collaborate in large measure with local governments and residents of the territorial communities. We care not only about the high quality of manufactured products, but also about the environment. Our production will meet not only all Ukrainian standards of ecology, but also European ones. The plant has state-of-the-art filters and cleaning equipment installed. All systems are constantly upgraded and improved.

By the way, all the wood used by Kronospan in its production has a purely legal origin. A significant part of the timber and, as a result, produced products, is a certified FSC certificate (a proven chain of wood processing).

The average salary of Kronospan employees in Horodok will amount to UAH 15-18 thousand a month. All employment is exclusively official, with all social guarantees. The construction of such a plant will have a number of benefits for the local community. In particular, Kronospan will create 2000 jobs in the region, of which 300 will be operating in production, the rest - in guarding, cleaning, catering, logistics, forestry management.

It is joined by Kronospan and the development of territorial communities where their plants are grown. The local budget, which will increase the financing of local social institutions, repair roads, schools and kindergartens, will be substantially expanded. Judge for yourself: in 2018, a similar plant in Novovolynsk paid more than 350 million hryvnias of taxes and fees to the state and local budgets. A lot of money the company directs to charity. In 2018, Kronospan supported projects for charitable assistance worth over 700 thousand hryvnias.

Kronospan is not only a modern, powerful European manufacturing enterprise, but also the economic and social development of the whole region!