May 14-16 held on conference in Chernihiv city of Platforms on Partner Project GIZ GmbH “Developing Win-Win Cooperation”.

InvestInRivne Agency the partner of GIZ GmbH “Fit for Partnership with Germany” in Rivne region since 2015. For 18 months was conducted productive cooperation 8 presentation which was attended by over 1,000 people.


In April 2017, the first interview and selection of candidates from Rivne region and Rivne city. As a result, 8 candidates passed the rigorous selection and will be able to participate in 1 month training in Germany for administrative staff Germany - Ukraine.

The event was organized by the project manager for Eastern Europe Guido Raynshem and head of the project office Kyiv Svetlana Stepaschenko to share experiences on the development of external economic potential of Ukraine's regions using the program “Fit for Partnership with Germany”, which contributes to the further development of partner platforms and provides inter-regional cooperation between them.