The updated investment passport of Rivne region will be a real guide for companies planning to start a business in our region. This is a kind of marketing document designed not only for domestic business but also for foreign investors.

The investment passport is the first product of the Office for Attracting and Supporting Investments in the Regional Economy. Specialists of the Regional State Administration, as well as representatives of the Regional Development Agencies and InvestInRivne worked on it.

The passport was presented during the investment council, which met under the chairmanship of Vitaliy Koval.

"We are constantly looking for new approaches to attracting investment, doing successful business in the region. Our companies confidently pay taxes and fill budgets. At the same time, local businesses are developing, not afraid to risk investing in expanding their production. This returns in the form of profits of our enterprises, economic development and the region as a whole. That is why we are closer to the goal - to create a territory of equal opportunities, "Vitaliy Koval addressed the audience.

Prerequisites for creating an investment passport in the Rivne region are. Dmytro Yanushevsky, head of the Agency InvestInRivne, is convinced of this. Now foreign donors are considering changing locations for their production. After all, about 20 years ago, investors entered European countries. They were primarily interested in the availability of raw materials, energy and labor. However, over time, these criteria have become more expensive. Therefore, it has become increasingly difficult to return the investment. And those who managed to return became less attractive.

"That is why there is a prospect of transferring investment production to Ukraine. And Rivne region is no exception. After all, it has a logistical advantage. It is profitable to work here. After all, there is access to international and domestic markets, "said Dmytro Yanushevsky.

A passport has been developed for such investors. It contains structured information about Rivne region: geographical location, production, resource, logistics, human resources and education, economic structure, investment factors, mobility, small and medium enterprises, innovations, international cooperation, tourism and leisure.

The investment passport has an electronic and printed version. The printed version is available at the link ip-rivne-region-ukr-small.pdf (.pdf, 12.44 Mb)