January 23 in Kyiv was held All Ukrainian seminar  "Economic Development of the Regions: Strategy and tools to attract investment and increase export potential", organized by the Office attract and support investment UkraineInvest and Export Promotion Office with the support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. It was attended by over 150 representatives of regional authorities responsible for dealing with investors and the development of export potential of cities and regions.

25.01.2017 17:11

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you and your relatives!
We are proud of our team accomplishments in 2016 and are enthusiastic in the upcoming 2017.
We wish you and your family peace, health, weakth and happiness in the New 2017 year!

29.12.2016 16:10
25th and 26th November 2016  will go down in history as the date of founding in Rivne city annual International Business Forum "Great Rivne. Investment Potential". The meeting showed to international investors and potential partners that Rivne region and Rivne city is very profitable and attractive investment region for the development of joint investment projects and investment. Because the regional authorities and Rivne City Council create favorable conditions for the entry of investors.
29.11.2016 13:39
In Rivne was held business forum "Great Rivne. Investment Potential". Agency "InvestInRivne" acted as co-organizer of the first business forum in the Rivne region. Forum were involved business owners and investment property, investors, experts and investment policy and politics.
11.10.2016 22:41

German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce open to represent business interests and help to attract investment. In Kiev on 11th of October 2016 as part of the 2nd Ukrainian-German business forum "Potential-Reforms-Cooperation" was opened the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

The business forum was attended by Dmytro Yanushevskyi, director of the Agency "InvestInRivne", where he had contact with Alexander Marcus, chairman of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

11.10.2016 11:16
On Tuesday, October 4th at information-educational space InfoHub a press conference held on 7-8 October First Business Forum "Great Rivne. Investment Potential".
The press conference was attended by Secretary of Rivne City Council Sergei Paladiychuk, CEO of "101 option" Oleg Uhnalov-Yaroshevich, commercial director of a network of gas stations "Olas" Vitaly Pershohuba, director of the Rivne Agency for Investment Promotion and servicing investors' InvestInRivne "Dmitry Yanushevskyy and executive director of the Rivne regional organization of Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian marketing Association" Alexander Hladunov.
04.10.2016 19:27

Business Forum "Great Rivne. Investment potential "is:
- Nearly 400 square meters of exhibition space of the most promising investment projects in Rovno and region;
- More than 50 owners of investment property;
- Presentations Start-Up projects;
- Meeting of local and regional authorities on business;
- Create networking;- Over 10 workshops and trainings;
- For the first time in Rivne session to improve management skills "Managerial duel";
- Ability to communicate with experts from the investments.

28.09.2016 11:19
Rivne Agency for Investment attraction and investor assistance «InvestInRivne» as official representative of the program GIZ «Fit for partnership with Germany» invites you to participate in a 30-day internship in Germany Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of management training Germany-Ukraine (Fit for partnership with Germany).
19.09.2016 17:01
The receiving of projects for public budget Rivne. Public budget - is part of the city budget, which is financed as determined by members of the territorial community activities, works and services, according to the designed project proposals that won the contest.
September 14th, 2016 at 14.00 in room InfoHUB (Rivne, Slovaсkogo st., 3a) Institute for Regional Development in cooperation with the city administration of Rivne hold an information seminar "Citizen participation in the budget process Rivne".
12.09.2016 09:56

You can never be sure, but like before, Ukraine holds great promise. After all, this country is located right in the middle of Europe. It has a well-educated and underemployed labor force. And whatever else you call the Ukrainian economy, it’s still a market economy.

While that sounds good, what incentive is there for foreign or Ukrainian investors to pour money into the country at this time? What has changed?
The answer is that a great deal has changed. Let us focus on 10 major positive changes, although we won’t fail to note the problems as well.

02.09.2016 14:32