The Ukraine-EU summit, which recently ended in Kiev, was considered successful by both parties. About this on Tuesday, July 9, reported the Belgian edition of Brussels Times. It is noted that the summit ended with a joint declaration, in which Ukraine and the EU expressed a common commitment to further strengthen political and economic ties.

“The result of the summit was predictable,” John Laf, an associate member of the Ukrainian Forum within the London Chatham House, told the publication. According to him, the EU remains committed to the support of Ukraine and hopes that the presidency of Vladimir Zelensky "will be able to move the reform agenda forward, especially in the fight against corruption." At the same time, Laf stressed that before the completion of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine and before the formation of the new government, "it is very difficult to say whether Zelensky can transform his impressive rhetoric into reality." The publication recalled that in a joint statement, the EU underlined its unwavering support for Ukraine and acknowledged "substantial progress" in the implementation of reforms.