February 14 held on meeting with Young farmers of Association of Farmers, Private Landowners of Ukraine dedicated to farming, and development plans in the Rivne region.

With the leaders and managers of farms met Director of Agricultural Development of Rivne Regional State Administration Nadiya Perehodko and head of the group of companies "UkrTechnoPhos" Yurii Suprunyuk.

On the investment potential of the region said Vice President Rivne Chamber of Commerce Mykola Yaroshchuk and Director of the InvestInRivne Agency Dmytro Yanushevskyi.

During a meeting with young farmers from Rivne region was held presentation of The Manager Training Programme Germany - Ukraine "Fit for partnership with Germany". The relevance of an internship in the agricultural sector and the requirements for applicants told the head of projects and programs of the InvestInRivne Agency Elina Katz.