Administrative arrangement

Administrative center of the ATC - Boremel village

11 settlements are amalgamated in the community, incl.:

- Boremel

- Naberezhne

- Shybyn

- Smykivs

- Novy Tyk

- Zolochivka

- Nyvy Zolochivsky

- Pasheva

- Maleve

- Bilche

- Berestechko


Total population - 3 341 people, incl.:

- rural population - 3 341 people

Population density - 45,2 people/km2


Specialization of the ATC:

- growing of cereals and technical cultures


Main branches

— Mechanical processing of metal products (Safety Business Borermel 2012, LLC)

— Sawmill and planing production (Dudas Volodymyr Petrovich, entrepreneur)

Tourism and recreational potential

— ATC is famous for its picturesque scenery

— Village Boremel, village Naberezhne, village Shibin, village of Malieve are located on the shore of the river Styr

Basic social and economic indicators

26 businesses registered at the rerritory of the ATC, incl.:

5 – legal entities

21 – private entrepreneurs

Investment projects of the district

Major repairs of the club to the village of Zolochivka Demidovsky district of Rivne region, estimated cost - 1499,584 UAH.

Major repair of the ambulance department of general practice of family medicine in the village. Malovo str. Ternovo, 32 Demidovsky district of Rivne region, estimated cost - 1948,694 UAH.

Reconstruction of the building of Boremelsky educational complex "Secondary school-college" on the street. Embankment, 27th in. Boremel Demidovsky district, the estimated cost of 816.8 UAH.

Purchase of computer equipment for educational institutions of the Boromel Rural Joint Territorial Community - Estimated cost - 80 thousand UAH.

Acquisition and arrangement of a playground in the village. Malovo village, village Zolochivka, village Boremel, Boremel rural communal territorial community - estimated cost of 150.0 UAH.

Reconstruction of street pghting in. Boremel, Demidovsky district of Rivne region - the average cost is 283,601 UAH.

Major repairs of the street. Ternovaya with Malev Demidovsky district - Estimated cost 809,759 UAH.

The current average repair of the highway O 181113 Zagatintsi-Maleve-Borermel on the area km 14 + 700-km 16 + 500, Demidovsky district - estimated cost 3800 UAH.

New construction of a medical ambulatory of general practice of family medicine on the street. Embankment in Boremel Demidovsky district of Rivne region - estimated cost 6621,5 UAH.

To equip schools with the views of GSE. / Core study natural and mathematical subjects and supporting schools teaching aids, including cabinets --- estimated cost of 800.0 thousand. UAH.

For the purchase of school buses - estimated cost 1710.6 thousand UAH."New Ukrainian School" - estimated cost 287,8 thousand UAH.

Provision of residents with. Boremel Boremelskoy village council with high quapty drinking water --- estimated cost 163.756 thousand UAH.

Construction of the gym, as a center of physical development, meaningful and useful leisure activities for children, youth, community residents --- estimated cost of 178.116 thousand. UAH.

Natural-resources potential

Total area of the ATC is 10 295 ha

Land resources:

- agricultural land - 6301.64 ha

- built-up land - 251 ha

- total area of the reservoirs is 662.35 ha

- Forests and forest cover lands - 4901.35 ha

Natural resources:


peat (unused peat quarry)

Average salary

Average salary in the ATC  - UAH 7 211


Major enterprises

— Safety Business Borermel 2012, LLC