Administrative arrangement

Administrative center of the ATC - Demydivka town settlement

22 settlements are amalgamated in the community, incl.:

  • Demydivka
  • Verben
  • Lishnya
  • Khrinnyky
  • Rogizne
  • Dublyani
  • Plyasheva
  • Ostriv
  • Knyagynyne
  • Lopavshche
  • Rudka
  • Ilpyboky
  • Tovpyzhyn
  • Vyshneve
  • Perekali
  • Glyboka Dolyna
  • Soloniv
  • Lysyn
  • Vychavky
  • Kalynivka
  • Kopan
  • Okhmatkiv


Total population - 11 300 people, incl.:

  • urban population - 2 554 people
  • rural population - 8 746 people
Population density - 40,6 people/km2


Specialization of the ATC:

  • growing of cereals and legumes, potatoes and vegetables
  • meat production


Main branches:

  • wholesale of wood, sawing and planing production
  • production of fruit and vegetable canned food
  • repair of agricultural machines
  • electricity generation

Tourism and recreational potential

  • An important place in the historical and cultural life of the community is the National Historical and Memorial Reserve "Field of Berestec Battle" in the village Plyasheva founded in 1965, since 2008, it has become national. On the ninth Friday after Easter, a large celebration of the memory of the fallen people in the battle of Berestec in 1651 took place
  • In the village Demydivka is a cultural and recreational park with an area of ​​3.7 hectares. In most settlements there are parks and public gardens.
  • In the territory of the community a traditional cultural and artistic event is held - the All-Ukrainian children's festival "Our glory Cossack does not die, it will not die!"
  • There are 36 cultural heritage sites in the state registration, including 4 monuments of architecture, 8 monuments of history, 24 archeological monuments
  • Demydivka has a significant recreational potential: 3 rivers with a total length of about 40 kilometers (Styr, Zhabichi, Plyashivka), Khrinnytsia reservoir, 8 ponds, and 6 nature reserves
  • Near the Khrinnitsky Reservoir there is functioning Communist Party "Children's sanatorium" Hrynniki "of the Demidovsky district council, health complex" Chaika "(Rivne branch of PJSC" Ukrtelecom "), recreation center" Mayak ", sports-health camp" Olympian "and private health camps, summer homes, green tourism estate

Basic social and economic indicators

  • The volume of industrial products sold - UAH 95642.5 thousand
  • Gross agricultural output - UAH 10520.0 thousand
  • Capital investments - UAH 13300.0 thousand
  • Direct foreign investments - UAH 110.8 thousand
  • Volume of executed construction works - UAH 13857.0 thousand
  • 437 businesses registered at the rerritory of the ATC, incl.:
- 207 – legal entities
- 230 – private entrepreneurs

Investment projects of the ATC

  • The project "Overhaul of the roadway covered on the street Zelena in the village of Lyshnya Demydiv district of the Rivne region" for the amount of UAH 673.0 thousand
  • Project "Sports ground for mini-football with artificial cover Demidovsky NSC" ZOSH I-III degrees-lyceum "on the street. B. Khmelnitsky, 10 in the township of Demydivka, Demydivsky district of the Rivne region - reconstruction "for the samount of UAH 1474,0 thousand

Natural-resources potential

Total area of the ATC is 27.84 thousand ha

Land resources:

  • agricultural land - 21.24 thousand ha
  • built-up land -  0,82 thousand ha
  • total area of the reservoirs - 1,3 thousand ha
  • forests and forest cover lands - 3.61 thousand ha
Natural resources:
  • peat - Novosilkovskoe deposit near the village Hrinnyky

Average salary

Average salary in the ATC - UAH 5 953.82


Major enterprises

  • Demydivsky canning plant, Private enterprise
  • Ukrtransreil, Private Enterprise
  • Agro-Express-Service, Private enterprise
  • Demetra, Private enterprise
  • Khavst-Agro, LLC
  • Good Harvest, LLC