Administrative arrangement

District center - urban-type settlement Mlyniv

93 settlements, incl.:

– 1 urban-type settlement

– 92 villages

Settlements are combined in:

- 29 rural councils

– 1 city council


Total population is 37,6 thousand people, incl.:

- urban population - 8,4 thousand people

- rural population - 29,2 thousand people

- population density - 39,9 people/km2


Main branches

- production of cereals, legumes and oilseeds

- sugar beet production

- production of potatoes and vegetables

- production of meat and milk


Main branches

— pasta production

— flour production

- production of sausage products

- production of meat and edible offals and poultry

- manufacture of ceramic bricks

- manufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals and poultry

Tourism and recreational potential

The tourism potential of the district is mainly represented by ancient monuments, including:

— Audience hall of graphs' Chodkiewicz Palace (18th century)

— Holy Protection Church with a bell tower (19th century)

— Wooden Holy Protection Church (Dobryatyn village)

— St. Boris and Gleb Wooden Church (Koblyn village, 19th century)

— Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church (Smordva village, 18th century)

— In the urban-type settlement Mlyniv the grave of the great Jewish educator, philosopher, religious leader Aaron Perlov is located. Every year hasidic palmers comes to this place.

Basic social and economic indicators

Sold production of industry - 617,6 million UAH

Foreign direct investment (FDI) as of 01.10.2015 – 12,2 million USD

Number of enterprises – 95:

Number of private entrepreneurs – 837

Investment projects of the district

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

– reconstruction of household farms and commercial buildings (farms, grain warehouses, livestock farms) and creation of new businesses on that basis

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 94.5 thsd ha

Land resources:

— agricultural lands - 74.9 thsd ha

— built-up areas - 2.4 thsd ha

— total area of water bodies - 2.6 thsd ha

— forests and other wooden land - 11.9 thsd ha

Natural resources

— clay

— sand

– chalk

— loam

Average salary

Average salary in the district is - UAH 2704 .

Largest enterprises of the district

The largest and most numerous are the agricultural, forestry and food processing enterprises:

— AE LLC «Іdna»

— LLC «Volyn-Zerno-Product»

— PE «Agropromenergo»

— PE «Merkurіy» and LLC «DBK BUD»

— LLC «Mlinіvsky meat cutting plant»

– PE «Agro-Expres-Service»

– AF «Kamaz-Agro»

– PE «Demetra»

– LLC «Havest-Agro»

– FG «Mlynіvska Chaika»