Administrative arrangement

District center - City of Zdolbuniv

55 settlements, incl.:

– 1 city

– 1 urban-type settlemen

– 53 villages

Settlements are combined in:

- 20 rural councils

- 1 settlement council

– 1 city council


Total population - 57129 people, incl.:

- urban population - 28428 people

- rural population - 28701 people

- population density - 86,6 people/km2


Main branches

- growing of winter wheat

- barley growing

- corn growing

- growing of sugar beet

- growing of forage crops

- hogs growing

- poultry growing

- meat and dairy husbandry


Main branches

— cement production

— manufacture of non-refractory building brick

- production of film strip and other products made of polyethylen

- manufacture of block stones, curbs and vibrocompressed blocks

- manufacture of wooden containers of hulled wood

- providing service of equipment's repair and manufacturing of spare parts for construction equipment industry

- repair and maintenance of electric engines, generators, transformers

- repair and maintenance of locomotives, rolling stock, railway freight cars

Tourism and recreational potential

The tourism potential of the district is represented by architectural and cultural monuments, including:

— Derman-Mostivsky landscaped park, near the Derman village - one of the oldest educational centers of Ukraine

Rural tourism in Zdolbuniv district is higly developed and represented by five country estates:

— country estate in Derman Persha village (owner is Mykola Ogorodnyk)

— country estate in a picturesque corner of the Suimy village (owner is Olexander Yakymchuk)

— country estates in Mala Moschanytsia village (owners are Nina Panaschuk, Vasyl Chernyak and Svitlana Panaschuk)

Basic social and economic indicators

Sold production of industry - 1084,9 thousand UAH

Gross agricultural output – 188,3 thousand UAH

Fixed capital investment – 94405 thousand UAH

Foreign direct investment (FDI) – 98,7 thousand USD

Construction output – 51352 thousand UAH

Number of enterprises – 804:

Number of private entrepreneurs – 1902

Investment projects of the district

High-priority investment projects of the district are:

– construction of sewage treatment plants in City of Zdolbuniv

– reconstruction of schools and educational institutions

Natural-resources potential

Total district area is 65.9 thsd ha

Land resources:

— agricultural lands - 43.3 thsd ha

— built-up areas - 3.3 thsd ha

— total area of water bodies - 0.9 thsd ha

— forests and other wooden land - 14.7 thsd ha

Natural resources

— clay

— phosphate rock

– sand

— peat

Average salary

Average salary in the district is -  UAH 3423.

Largest enterprises of the district

The largest and most numerous are the chemical, forestry, food processing and engineering enterprises:

— «Volyn-Cement» - branch JSC «Dyckerhoff Cement Ukraine»

— JSC «Zdolbuniv plastics articles plant «Iskra»

— LLC «Ukrtsemremont»

— LLC «Ukrtsemremont»

— LLC «Volyn-Shyfer»

– SLLC «Quantum»

— EP «Locomotive depot Zdolbuniv» of territorial branch company «Lviv Railway»

— EP «Train repair depot Zdolbuniv» of territorial branch company «Lviv Railway»

— EP «Locomotive multiple units stock Zdolbuniv» of territorial branch company «Lviv Railway»

— LLC «Dobrobyt»

— PE «Silbud»

— APC «Hliborob»

— APC «Kolos»

— APC «Ukraine»

— APC named after Shevchenko