Implementation of the project for the development of international airport "Rivne" focused on meeting the growing demand for passenger and cargo transportation in Ukraine and around the world.

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Project description:

Taking into consideration geographical and technical data the prospects of the airport are:

• creation of passenger and freight transportation hub servicing most types of aircraft and vehicles;

• attracting cargo carriers and low-cost transport (low-cost) companies to use the services of the airport;

• development of charter connections to airports in Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkiv, etc.);

• arranging flight school - learning the art of piloting providing issuing international certificates.

The complex and facilities on the premises enables the modernization of the airport, construction of additional platforms to accommodate the aircraft, the creation of modern terminals handling. There are following posts at "Rivne" airport:

- border post

- the sanitary-epidemiological post

- customs post

- environmental post

- phytosanitary and quarantine service

Following services are provided by the the airport today:

- business aviation 5-10 landings per week

- passengers receipt;

- charter flights

- aircrafts refuelling;

- ticket sales

- catering.

Rental territory for repair and maintenance of AN-12.