Implementation of an investment project to complete the construction of a radio and television station in the village of Kopan, Demydivka district, Rivne region.

More about the project

Project description:

Given the geographical and technical data, the prospects for the construction of a radio and television station in the village of Kopan are:

  • the market of consumers of telecommunication services is constantly growing;

  • attracting new participants and consumers in the regional market of telecommunications services;

  • stablishment of guaranteed reception of terrestrial television and radio broadcasting and stable signal levels of mobile operators in the region;

  • organization of proper operation of the radio and television station as a socially important object in the region to ensure uninterrupted, high-quality communication.

The construction of the Kopan radio and television station involved the operation of at least three FM transmitters with a capacity of 1 kW, four digital multiplexes LLC "Zeonbud", which in 2011 launched a digital broadcasting network in the DVB-T2 standard, equipment of four mobile operators and more. This volume of services with feasibility study provided for the payback of the object for 5 years.

For the submitted applications, today the National Council has issued one license for an FM radio station with a capacity of 100 watts for Ukrainian radio. The second frequency assignment of a FM radio station with a power of 100 W has not been mastered for a long time (the customer is absent). Zeonbud LLC refused to expand its network, to close the "white spots".

Mobile operators cannot place base stations on an unfinished construction site. It is proposed for potential investors (for example, mobile operators) to complete a high-rise building on favorable terms.

Project cost: about UAH 6 million. (it is necessary to adjust the cost of construction before working with investors who will be interested in cooperation).

At present, 2 million 48 thousand hryvnias have been built. According to the project, the following has been built: a transformer substation, 10 / 0.4 kV with a permitted capacity of 40 kW, 60 m of the project 110 m tower have been built (the main load-bearing ones up to 110 m are available). Fiberglass (owner of UARNET) is installed on the object, which allows to deliver the necessary information to the object. The facility is fenced, equipped with alarm, remote video surveillance, for the owner and the police.