The project provides for the use of the longest operating narrow-gauge railway in Europe, built in 1895 and which is known under the brand name "Poliskyy Tram", combined with the unique natural environment od Ukrainian Woodlands, is the key to creating high qualitaty tourism product.

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Project description:

Tourist Zone "Poliskyy Tram" is famous for the beauty of the unique forest landscapes. Here you will find mild temperate climate, flat terrain, many clean rivers and lakes mirror with glycerin water creating unique natural systems with powerful recreational resources. In comparison with the known tourist and travelled routes of Europe, there will be a novelty factor, diving to the depth of 108 years and receiving adventure and fun in 106 km of tale, combining 2 worlds: the present and the past, civilization and untouched nature. The necessary conditions for the successful implementation of the project are:

maintaining high standards of world travel - providing broad infrastructure constructing high quality restaurant and motel complex with the original art of cooking;

weekend tour for travel between ancient forests,

villages and archaic mirror-clean lakes with "prehistoric" comfortable train, getting impressions of comfortable escape from civilization;

create routes to visit numerous lakes, participation in hunting and fishing amusements, festivals and folklore directing-planned events.

Each individual stop will include different occupation and recreation;

Arrival of foreign tourists for hunting and fishing in the northern part of Rivne region can be organized as part of the initial (pilot) phase of the project, being nowadays the discussion issue with the Chamber of Commerce of Spain.

Project cost: $ 20 million

Payback period: 10 years