Startup Project provides for building up modern production of the frozen fruits, vegetables and berries applying IQF-technology (so called «shock freeze»).

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Project description:

It is supposed to set up production line of frozen wild and cultivated berries, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables on the basis of the most advanced technology for manufacturing products of extra and first-grade quality, to create national brand of frozen products, develop dealer and distributor networks, provide import substitution and arrange products export. Moreover, taking into consideration peculiarities of the market, the preference should be given to the production of frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries as well as to the increasing of their rate in the final production.

The production process starts with the creation of points of the raw materials procurement, mostly in the northern districts, which will receive about 50-60 tons of fruit per day. Then selected products will be transported to the processing plant. After grading, washing and drying all prepared raw materials, depending on the fruit size, are cooled to the temperature from 0°C to + 5°C and then are covered with water glaze to improve their ready-for-sale condition. Then the raw materials are frozen to - 25°C…- 40°C in a special tunnel of "shock freeze". The manufacturing process of frozen products is completed by packing and marking.

Planned capacity - 4'000 kg / hour of "green peas".

Project cost: $ 8,000,000

Payback period: 36 months