Implementation of an investment project for the cultivation of organic berries for sale through the trade network in fresh form and for further processing on the basis of a farm in the Sosnivka village, Dubno district, Rivne region.

More about the project

Project description:

Given the geographical and initial data of the project, the prospects for growing organic berries are:

  • the project can cover the market of Western Ukraine, and with successful positioning and development - and the all-Ukrainian market and the market of Eastern Europe;

  • the need for fresh berries is constantly growing;

  • cultivation will be carried out according to eco-technology with the use of drip irrigation and without the use of chemicals;

  • products will be of high quality, excellent appearance, variety and freshness.

Today, the farm cultivates 9 hectares of arable land, including 3.49 hectares in private ownership. The lands are located in an ecologically clean zone, suitable for horticulture and berry growing. There is a prospect and opportunity to process the products grown at the Dubno food factory.

Investments are necessary for the production of design and estimate documentation, bookmarks of perennial berry plantations, purchase of a refrigeration unit for shock freezing of products. During the first six months of the project, $ 100,000 is needed for the preparation of design and estimate documentation, bookmark berries (soil preparation, purchase of planting material from licensed queen cells, installation of drip irrigation, planting and care). Over the next six months, it is planned to purchase a refrigeration unit, vehicles with compressor units, which requires $ 150,000.

The farm plans to invest in the project its own funds in the amount of 5 thousand US dollars. These funds will be used to purchase the material and technical resources needed to start the project.

A potential investor is offered 50% of the participation in the project. The payback period of the project is 3 years.

Project cost: 250 thousand US dollars