The project provides for the establishment of modern enterprise-museum of production luxury sorts of hard cheese based on application of the local raw materials.

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Project description:

The quality of the products will meet the requirements of all technological and sanitary standards of Ukrainian and European legislation with the aimed to substitute the corresponding kinds of cheese imported to Ukraine and which are not manufactured by the local producers of the dairy products. The price of the products is 20-30% lower than the current prices for similar products today.In addition, special design of the production facilities made of protective transparent material, arranging testing room and shopping space according to the best Swiss exhibition facilities will provide creating a unique kind of museum where visitors will be able to observe the production process, taste and buy products made directly on-site.

For the production of cheese products the company will use milk containing 3.4% of fat with the serum yield 80%. The consumption rate of milk for 1 kg of cheese will be 10.42 kg. The cost of production of associated material costs make up about 30% of the raw materials. Technologically cheese manufacturing process will consist of all classic stages of cheese production: milk reception, pasteurization, fermenting (with serum separation) clotting, filtration, salting, pressing and aging.

Project cost: $ 1,000,000

Payback period: 12 months