The project provides for the development and modernization of working enterprises producing sunflower oil.

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Project description:

Company's main products today include sunflower oil: refined, deodorized, frozen out, unrefined, oil of double filtration.
The project provides for the purchase of new production equipment, elevator, additional freight cars to transport products or raw materials, seasonal purchase of sunflower seeds.

Today the company is engaged in filtration, hydration, refining and deodorization and packing of finished products in own PET bottles of different capacities (from 0.82 to 5.0 liters) under trademark "Radema" being familiar in the region. The company has received numerous awards from the government for the high product quality, has all necessary licenses, permits and certificates. The company has signed long-term contracts providing a broad network of sales in Ukraine and abroad (Belarus, EU).

Project cost: $ 21.05 million

Payback period: 3 years