The project provides for producing hard biofuel on the basis of Miscanthus giganteus.

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Project description

The project provides for planting and growing Miscanthus on the area 500 hа. Harvesting and preparing the biomass for processing into hard biofuel and its storage at the own pellets producing facility. Miscanthus – perennial, warm-season grass capable of surviving Ukrainian winter. The grass is sterile and must be propagated from rootstock. After single initial planting it gives yield 20-30 tons dry matter from 1 ha during 20-25 years. It is absolutely pest resistant and does not require fertile soil.

In comparison to other energy plantings, it has very high energy efficiency and very low fertilizer demand and labour input while growing. With its 4-meter stem the plant contains 54-71 % cellulose. The process of burning does not cause greenhouse effect. Combustion of crop from 1 ha reveals heat equivalent to 18-28 tons of coil or 15 000 cubic m of gas. It has been proved that Miscanthus restores degraded soil.

Project cost: $ 1 185 000

Payback period: 7,6 years