The project provides for the expansion of existing production of mushrooms, namely reconstruction of working and building 3 new mushroom cultivation cameras with the capacity 10 tons each, reconstruction and replacement of the technological equipment and purchasing refrigerator with the appropriate volume to store manufactured products.

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Project description:

The project target is to create highly profitable production of mushrooms using domestic raw materials and ensuring the internal market of local products with the prospect of execution exports. The project will upgrade the existing production capacity, improve working conditions, reduce production costs and ensure regular supply of mushrooms to the customers.

In addition to growing mushrooms, drying and freezing of mushrooms is also supposed to provide their transportation over long distances. The design production capacity is 100 tons per year.

The demand of the domestic market is provided only by 50-60%. Production output for the period of the last three years is 50-60 thousand tons annually. At the same time Ukrainian market is far from the saturation, as confirmed by statistics of mushrooms consumption per capita: in Ukraine consumption of mushrooms and mushroom products is about 1.5 kg per person per year, while in the US and Canada the figure is 2.2 kg, in the UK - 2.7 kg, in France - 3.1 kg and in China - 5 kg.

Project cost: $ 93,000

Payback period: 42 months