Startup project provides for the creation of innovative plant to produce composite building material developed and patented by Ukrainian Research Institute - magnesite-bishofite plate «Mag-Be» with thickness 10 and 15 mm, width 1200 mm, which is an alternative to drywall and siding.

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Project description:

Mag-Be  is a new composite material based on basalt fiber, magnesite, bishofit (natural mineral salt), fiberglass and pine sawdust (straw). It is stronger than concrete in 1,7-2,5 times (for specific indicators) and has the properties of wood: low thermal conductivity, easily cut saw.

Products have precise geometric dimensions and high repeatability. They are resistant to moisture, mold, insects and rodents. The plates are environmentally friendly. At the construction market of Ukraine import magnesite plates from China are present. Despite their relatively poor quality, they are gradually replacing drywall and siding.

Production is expected to be placed in the industrial area of ​​the northern part of Rivne region. The project is energy efficient compared with other manufacturers of similar products due to application of new extrusion and pultrusion equipment that require lower power consumption in its operation.

Project cost: $ 8,020,000

Payback period: 31 months